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couple with their dog for their brookings oregon beach elopement

Dana & Jake’s Oregon Beach Elopement

The most perfect August day was spent with Dana, Jake, and of course their dog Dottie on the beach at Brookings OregonBrookings Oregon is one of my favorite locations for couples to elope in the Pacific Northwest. There is so much variety as well as so many other great locations in the area that makes it perfect for an all day elopement. So let’s dive into how you can have the perfect Brookings Oregon Beach Elopement day!

Eloping At Brookings Oregon

Brookings Oregon is a quiet little town with so much coastal charm that is located on the Southern Oregon Coast. Miles and miles of gorgeous beaches line the Southern Oregon Coast, which makes it perfect for planning your elopement. The options are truly limitless. Beaches range from Rocky Cliff Sides like Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor to more well known beaches such as Harris Beach. Brookings Oregon elopements truly have my heart and is one of my favorite places to photograph elopements to date.

Where To Stay For Your Brookings Oregon Beach Elopement

Okay so you are ready to explore more about eloping in Brookings Oregon. Next step is that you are going to need a place to stay. Because Brookings Oregon is on the smaller side, I highly recommended staying in an Airbnb or Vrbo. The hotel options just aren’t great in the area and when booking with something like an Airbnb, it also can serve as a perfect getting ready spot for your Brookings Oregon beach elopement. In addition if you have friends and family that are coming out for your elopement, you are able to provide a place for them to stay.

Here are some great local Brookings Oregon Airbnbs to check out for your Oregon beach elopement! I have personally stayed in the first Airbnb listed option and I highly recommend this Airbnb as well as the host!

Brookings Beach Bungalow
Ocean Front Oregon Home
Macklyn Creek Cabin

couple walking on the beach during their brookings oregon beach elopement

Where To Eat In Brookings Oregon For Your Beach Elopement

One of my favorite things to do is explore local food places and share my recommendations with you for your elopement! There are some great food places to check out for your Brookings Oregon beach elopement. If you enjoy eating Italian go ahead and head to Zola’s on the Water. This is an Italian eatery and I personally really love the pizza here. If you’re down for some Mexican food, I suggest checking out La Flor De Mexico. If you are just wanting some good American eats go ahead and check out Superfly Martini Bar and Grill. Lastly, you have to check out the seafood selection at Catalyst Seafood Restaurant and Lounge.

Where To Fly Into For Your Brookings Oregon Elopement

There are a couple of different options when checking out flights for your Brookings Oregon Beach Elopement. The most common option that I personally also do for myself is to fly into Medford Oregon. This is a couple hours drive to get to Brookings Oregon, but it’s a very easy drive and will take you through some beautiful redwoods scenery in Oregon. The airport in Medford is relatively small, so you don’t have to worry about fighting any crowds.

If you are looking for a cheaper option for flights, I would recommend flying into Portland Oregon and then taking the drive down to Brookings Oregon. This drive is around 6 hours long, but makes for an adventure. In addition, there are so many things to explore in Portland if that interests you!

Other Great Locations To Elope In Brookings Oregon

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons that I highly suggest you elope in Brookings Oregon is that there are so many great locations to choose from in the area.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Also, did I mention how close it is to the redwoods? So yes, you can get the perfect Oregon Beach Elopement, but also head to the redwoods on the same day to take photos or explore the area. One of my favorite Redwoods locations is Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in Crescent City, California. The best part is that it is only a quick 30 minute drive to get to the redwoods from Brookings. Check out more about a Luxury Redwoods Elopement I recently photographed.

Other Oregon Beach Elopement Locations

Some other great beach locations for you to elope in Brookings Oregon are: Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor, Secret Beach, Harris Beach, Lone Ranch Beach, and Pistol River State Park. Honestly, this is just scratching the surface for where you can elope in Brookings Oregon. I have personally been to all of these locations and let me tell you that do not fall short. Also, the best part about eloping in Brookings Oregon is that the majority of these locations are not very busy and well known. Which means you can have a very private vow exchange and elopement day without all the unwanted people. Another great point to mention is that these locations are all very accessible for you. Hikes are generally less than a mile round trip and are easy to get to. So you won’t have to worry about doing lots of hiking in your wedding dress!

couple walking on the beach during their brookings oregon beach elopement

Leave No Trace For Your Brookings Oregon Elopement

An important elopement to consider for your Brookings Oregon Beach Elopement is leave no trace. It is a privilege to be able to get married at such beautiful beaches in Brookings Oregon that we much respect the land and leave it better than we found it. You can find more info about leave no trace HERE.

Planning Your Brookings Oregon Beach Elopement

Alright, so you are ready to start planning your Brookings beach elopement. Yay! Here’s some things to know! I am not just a photographer for your elopement day. I will help you plan from start to finish the perfect day for your Brookings Oregon beach elopement. You are more than another booking to me and I only take on a limited amount of elopements every year. You are considered a friend and I will intentionally help you every step of the way.

From finding the perfect place to say your vows, to connecting you with the best Brookings Oregon Wedding vendors, to helping build the perfect timeline. I’m in this for you and your memories. I want your story to be told authentically, so you can relive your elopement day memories for generations to come. If you want to connect and learn more about how I photograph and help you plan the perfect Oregon Elopement day, contact me HERE to learn more! I can’t wait to make your Oregon beach elopement dreams happen. Now enjoy checking out the gallery of Dana and Jake and see what your Brookings Oregon elopement can look like!

couple walking on the beach during their brookings oregon beach elopement
close up bride and groom at their brookings oregon beach elopement
close up bride and groom at their brookings oregon beach elopement
couple walking on the beach during their brookings oregon beach elopement
bride and groom taking photos during their brookings oregon beach elopement

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