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couple walking in the California redwoods for their luxury elopement

Anna and Seth are a couple who love adventures and nature. They didn’t want a normal wedding, so they chose to get married in the massive Redwoods Forest. Their special day was truly magical, surrounded by tall trees and peaceful nature. Anna and Seth had fun exploring the woods and taking in all its beauty. Later, they even planned to eat dinner right there in the forest. It wasn’t like most weddings, but for Anna and Seth, it was the best elopement day ever in the Redwoods!

The Redwoods Forest in Northern California is where you’ll find the tallest trees on Earth. These forests have been around for hundreds, and even thousands of years. They’ve survived through things like having weathered fires, floods, and human activity. Walking through this forest, you can’t help but feel amazed by how big these trees are and how quiet it is around them. The Redwoods Forest isn’t just any forest, it shows us the beauty and strength of nature that lasts a long time. 

In this blog I have everything I think you should know about having your own Luxury Redwoods Elopement and how Anna and Seth got married at such a beautiful location!

couple eating dinner in the redwoods for their luxury elopement

Why Should You Elope In The Redwoods?

Eloping in the Redwoods is a dream come true for those who want an intimate and unique wedding experience. Instead of a traditional venue, you’re surrounded by incredible ancient trees, creating a breathtaking backdrop that no standard setting can replicate. Secondly, the serene environment allows you to fully immerse in the moment, focusing on your partner and the commitment you’re making. Plus, it’s an adventure! Exploring the forest, discovering hidden gems, and maybe even spotting some wildlife adds excitement to your special day. Finally, dining under the trees of the Redwoods is a magical experience that you and your partner will remember forever. Overall, if you’re looking for a wedding day that’s as unique and beautiful as your love story, eloping in the Redwoods is the perfect choice.

How Do You Elope In The Redwoods?

Setting up your elopement in the Redwoods can be an easy and enjoyable process. Here are some things you need to set up your elopement:

Choose A Date

The Redwood Forest is extremely flexible with its elopement times! The weather is pretty calm year round, but it can be unpredictable. Consider eloping in the springtime when the forest is the most green and lush. Additionally, think about eloping on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Whatever date you choose should be great as long as you watch the weather and location scout for the most privacy.

Choose Specific Locations

The Redwood Forest consists of over 138,000 acres of land between the National and State Parks. Mostly anywhere you go in the forest you will particularly find that perfect moody forest scene. Overall, it is all about personal preference where is the most accessible, the most private, or shortest travel distance. After obtaining a permit there are only certain locations that allow elopements and only a specific number of people. The pre-approved locations and their participant limit include:

LocationsMax Participants
Templeman Grove20 Participants
Organ Donor’s Grove20 Participants
River Trail8 Participants
Crescent Beach Day Use20 Participants
Crescent Beach Overlook20 Participants
High Bluff Overlook20 Participants
Merriman Grove8 Participants
Zig Zag #210 Participants
Schmidt Grove20 Participants
Prairie Creek Amphitheater20 Participants
Lost Man Creek Gate20 Participants
Berry Glen6 Participants

Also, I always help with location scouting, so if you ever need advice I am here! 

Obtain A Permit

To get legally married in the Redwoods Forest you first need to purchase a permit through the National Park Service. Additionally, these “special use permits” need to be submitted ahead of time for processing and evaluation of your elopement. Under normal conditions the permit will only be $100. This also gives you access to invite your closest family to witness your elopement. Check out another blog I wrote about how to include family into your elopement here!

Plan Activities

I totally recommend making an entire weekend out of your elopement. If you consider inviting family and friends you can find activities to keep them busy and include more quality time. You also can include activities into your elopement. Anna and Seth chose to have a private dinner to themselves. Also, I love when couples choose activities that represent their relationship. This could be hiking, having a picnic, fishing, or skipping rocks! What can you choose to add to your elopement experience?

Book Accommodations

Once you have chosen and gathered everything, I would recommend booking your accommodations ASAP. Booking accommodations well in advance can take the stress off of your elopement day, and overall a more enjoyable process. Overall, I would make sure to book your housing, flights, permits, activities, and anything else you need well ahead of time. 

couple walking in the California redwoods for their luxury elopement

How To Make Your Redwoods Elopement Luxurious?

Turning your Redwoods elopement into a luxury experience is all about focusing on details and personal touches. Consider hiring a private chef or caterer to prepare a gourmet picnic to enjoy in the forest post-ceremony. Or, you could also hire a musician to play your favorite songs as you exchange vows among the massive trees. Luxury accommodations nearby, such as glamping tents or upscale lodges, can offer comfort and style for your stay. For an extra touch of elegance, you might even consider a horseback ride through the forest. Still, luxury isn’t just about expense, it’s about creating an experience that feels uniquely special and memorable to you.

From Anna’s dress, to their elegant dinner they shared together, this elopement was a perfect piece of luxury right in the middle of the forest.

Where Should You Stay For Your Luxury Redwoods Elopement?

If you’re planning a Redwoods elopement, there are several stunning locations where you can stay and soak up the beauty of nature. One of the top spots is the High Bluffs Overlook in Redwoods National Park, known for its scenery and tranquility. The park offers several accommodations, from rustic lodges to luxury hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay. Also, for a more adventurous option, think about just camping under the stars.

Alternatively, you could choose to stay in the Santa Cruz Mountains or Big Sur, both renowned for their breathtaking Redwood forests. These areas offer a variety of accommodation options, ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to high-end resorts. You could also consider staying near Muir Woods National Monument, just 40 minutes above San Francisco, which offers a range of accommodations from boutique hotels to charming Airbnbs. Overall, no matter where you choose to stay, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the Redwoods, adding an extra touch of magic to your special day.

What Should You Know Before Eloping In The Redwoods?

  1. Lighting: If you are looking for those warm and cozy elopement photos you will want to have pictures taken when the sun is at its highest. Typically around noon. It can be very dark in the forest surrounded by trees! If this is a must have I would schedule photos midday for the best lighting situation.
  2. Remoteness: Afterall, this is a MASSIVE National Park. Therefore, there will be secluded roads and little cell service. I would recommend getting a paper copy of the Redwoods Forest map ahead of time. Always consider making a plan where you are headed to avoid getting lost. 
  3. Stock Up On Essentials: If you know you are going to be in the middle of the Redwoods Forest, intend to bring plenty of food, water, and gas for your vehicle. Additionally, the Redwoods consists of many sharp winding roads. Because of this, bring motion sickness medicine if necessary! There aren’t many amenities inside the forest, so being prepared beforehand is best.

Are You Ready For Your Luxury Redwoods Elopement?

Overall, eloping in the Redwoods is an enchanting and unique experience that offers couples a chance to celebrate their love in an intimate, breathtaking setting. From choosing the perfect date and location, obtaining necessary permits, planning exciting activities to booking your accommodations, each step of the journey is filled with anticipation and joy. 

Anna and Seth’s magical day among the enormous trees, coupled with a private dinner in the forest, perfectly illustrates the charm of a Luxury Redwoods Elopement. So, if you’re searching for a wedding day that’s as adventurous and unique as your love story, consider the Redwoods. It’s not just about getting married; it’s about creating unforgettable memories in the heart of nature.

If you are ready to put together your own Luxury Redwoods Elopement, fill out my contact form. From there, we can set up your free consult call and dream up your perfect day today!

couple walking in the California redwoods for their luxury elopement
detail florals at a redwoods elopement
close up of a bride and grooms hands at a redwoods elopement
blurry photo of a bride and groom walking in the redwoods

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