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Hi, I’m Megan and your story matters to me. You deserve to break your wedding day from the traditional mold into something that is uniquely you.

I specialize in intimate mountain weddings and elopements and love working with people who are stoked to get married in nature surrounded by their closest family and friends. I am here for you and to organically tell your story. 

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Choosing to elope in Colorado’s stunning scenery gives couples a special and unforgettable way to say “I do.” With its amazing mountains, alpine lakes, and wide forests, this state is a top spot for those wanting to celebrate their love differently, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Finding the right place to have your elopement and also stay is a big part of making this moment perfect.

Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals are a popular choice for many couples because they offer a huge variety of places to stay. They’re great for finding a cozy, private spot with a local feel. In my blog, I’m going to show you the best Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals in Colorado for your elopement, and also how to find the perfect one. We’ll consider things like location, how it looks, what it offers, and what other guests have said. I want to show you places that are more than just a place to sleep. They should add something special to your elopement, and create a lasting memory.

flying moon cabins

Why Should You Elope In Colorado?

Unmatched Natural Beauty

Colorado’s diverse landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains, to wildflowers, provide a stunning backdrop for your special day. The natural beauty of the state ensures that your elopement will be as breathtaking as it is memorable.

Intimacy and Personalization

Eloping allows you to focus on what truly matters: your love for each other. In Colorado, you can have a ceremony that reflects your personal style and preferences, free from the pressure and expectations of a traditional wedding.

Stress-Free Planning

Compared to planning a big wedding, eloping in Colorado can significantly reduce stress. With fewer details to worry about, you can concentrate on enjoying the experience and each other’s company.

Unique Laws Favoring Elopements

Colorado’s self-solemnization law means you can marry without an officiant, making your ceremony even more personal and intimate. This unique aspect of Colorado law supports the idea of focusing solely on the couple during the elopement. Check out my blog How To Legally Get Married In Colorado for more info on this!

Seasonal Beauty

Whether you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland or a summer filled with wildflowers, Colorado’s distinct seasons offer different settings and atmospheres for your elopement. Choosing the right season can enhance the beauty and experience of your special day.

Diverse Locations

From the charm of Estes Park to the rugged beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado offers a variety of locations that can cater to any couple’s preference. Whether you’re looking for accessibility or seclusion, you’ll find the perfect spot in Colorado.

Memorable Experiences

Beyond the ceremony itself, Colorado provides countless opportunities for adventure and exploration. From hiking and skiing to exploring local towns, your elopement can be the start of a memorable journey together.


Many of Colorado’s most beautiful elopement spots are easily accessible, making it possible to celebrate your love in a stunning setting without the need for extensive travel or complicated logistics.

Overall, eloping in Colorado offers couples a unique opportunity to celebrate your love in a meaningful, beautiful, and stress-free environment. 

How Do You Find The Perfect Airbnb or Vacation Rental?

1. Define Your Dream Setting

Start by envisioning the type of environment you want for your elopement. Do you imagine a mountain view ceremony, a cozy cabin, an urban loft with city views, or maybe a countryside farmhouse? Knowing the setting will help narrow down your search.

2. Set Your Budget

Before diving into listings, determine how much you’re willing to spend on the rental. Remember to account for the length of stay, any fees for hosting an event (if needed), and additional costs you will need.

3. Use Filters Wisely

Airbnb’s search filters can be incredibly helpful in narrowing down your options. After selecting your desired location, adjust the filters for the number of guests, the type of property, and any other amenities that are important to you, such as a mountain view or big backyard for a ceremony.

4. Look for Unique Spaces

Since your elopement is a special occasion, look for properties that offer something different like stunning views, architectural details, or lush surroundings. These elements will not only enhance your experience but also serve as a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

5. Read Reviews and Host Policies

Carefully read through past guest reviews to gauge their experiences. Pay special attention to mentions of the host’s responsiveness and the property’s accuracy to its listing. Also, review the host’s rules to ensure that hosting an elopement is permissible and if there are any restrictions or additional fees.

6. Consider the Logistics

Think about the logistics of your day. How easy is it to access the property? Is there enough space for any vendors you might need, such as a photographer or an officiant? Will you need accommodations for guests, or is it just for the two of you?

7. Contact the Host

Before booking, reach out to the host with any questions you have. Share your plans to elope and confirm that they’re comfortable with it. This is also a great time to inquire about any logistical concerns you might have.

8. Plan a Visit (If Possible)

If it’s feasible, consider visiting the property in advance to ensure it meets your expectations. If you can’t visit in person, ask the host for additional photos or a virtual tour.

9. Book It!

Once you’ve found the perfect Airbnb and confirmed all the details with the host, go ahead and secure your booking. Make sure to review the cancellation policy, just in case plans change.

10. Plan the Details

With the venue secured, you can focus on the other details of your day, such as attire, vows, and any special touches that will make the elopement uniquely yours.

Overall, the perfect Airbnb for your elopement is one that feels right to you both and fits your vision for the day.

Some Colorado Vacation Rentals Available:

I found some great places in Colorado for your elopement that make it feel like a dream come true. Between a cozy log cabin hidden among tall trees in the mountains, perfect for a quiet, beautiful wedding. Or, a modern venue with big windows that let you see all the amazing views of the mountains. Imagine saying “I do” with the sunset making everything look golden around you. These spots in Colorado are not just stunning, they’re also comfy and make sure your special day is one you’ll always remember.

Flying Moon Cabins

Choosing Flying Moon Cabins for your elopement means you get to say your vows in a beautiful, quiet place. It’s cozy, peaceful, and has the best vintage vibes perfect for making your special day unforgettable and full of love. Also, check out my blog Flying Moon Cabins Elopement for more info on how to elope here!

Closest Big City: Denver

Guest Count: 8

Nightly Cost: One Room $150, Whole Property $540

flying moon cabins in Colorado

Heavenly Views

This Airbnb in the mountains is the perfect retreat for your elopement! Inside it has modern amenities, and can fit your guests beautifully. Going outside your retreat is nestled by creeks and mountains. Your backyard is so ideal for saying your vows!

Closest Big City: Denver

Guest Count: 10

Nightly Cost: $340

The Wapiti Retreat @ 22 West

For a spacious cabin with a rustic feel, consider this Airbnb. Located in the Northern part of Colorado, you will find this log cabin on the plains with mountains and wildflowers surrounding you. This Airbnb has hosted weddings in the past, and it could be the perfect spot for you!

Closest Big City: Denver

Guest Count: 15

Nightly Cost: $400

Riverfront Ranch

For an experience with mountains, acres, and located on a river check out this massive Airbnb. This place can be accommodating for all your guests, as it sleeps over 16! The scenery and house is stunning and some place perfect for your elopement.

Closest Big City: Colorado Springs

Guest Count: 16 Plus

Nightly Cost: $1,000

Alpenglow Cabin

Alpenglow Cabin seems like the perfect getaway spot in Twin Lakes, Colorado. It’s sitting right in the mountains, with a dreamy setup complete with a hot tub. This whole cabin can accommodate up to 4 guests, featuring 3 bedrooms with cozy beds. Overall, it’s perfect for a small elopement.

Closest Big City: Colorado Springs

Guest Count: 4

Nightly Cost: $386

Magical A-Frame

Tucked away in a National Forest in Woodland Park, Colorado, this A-Frame cabin offers a cozy escape for two. Surrounded by stunning mountain views and nature, it’s an ideal spot for both adventure seekers and those looking to unwind for your elopement.

Closest Big City: Colorado Springs

Guest Count: 2

Nightly Cost: $178

Why Should You Elope At An Airbnb or Vacation Rental?

Eloping at an Airbnb or vacation rental can offer a unique, intimate, and flexible experience for couples. Here’s why you might consider it for your special day:

Intimacy and Privacy

Choosing an Airbnb for your elopement ensures a private and intimate setting, away from the potential distractions and interruptions of more public venues. It’s just about you and your partner (and maybe a few close loved ones), allowing for a truly personal ceremony.

Unique and Personalized Settings

Airbnb and vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, located in various settings in Colorado. Whether you dream of a mountaintop ceremony, a rustic countryside exchange of vows, or an urban celebration, there’s likely a property that fits your vision perfectly.


Eloping at an Airbnb can be much more affordable than a traditional wedding venue. You can save on venue fees, decorations, and also catering by choosing a beautiful property that suits your style and arranging a simple, intimate gathering.

Steering Away from Tradition

For couples looking to step away from traditional wedding norms, an Airbnb elopement allows for creativity and personalization. You have the freedom to plan your day as you please, without the stress of a standard wedding.

Comfort and Convenience

Renting an Airbnb can offer the comfort and coziness of a home, making your wedding day feel even more personal. Plus, having accommodations on-site means you and your guests don’t have to worry about transportation after the celebration. You even can have your guests come inside for dinner and catering if you wish!

Stunning for Photos

Many vacation rentals are situated in picturesque locations or have unique decor, providing beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos. This can add a special touch to your memories and the visual storytelling of your day. Also, I highly recommend getting an Airbnb and taking getting ready photos inside on the day of your elopement.

All-In-One Venue

With the right property, you can have your ceremony, reception, and accommodations all in one place. This not only simplifies logistics but also creates a more relaxed and continuous celebration experience. An Airbnb with an indoor location is the perfect alternative if there is inclement weather. If the weather isn’t what you had hoped for outdoors, just move the ceremony into the Airbnb if it allows for a big enough space.

Altogether, eloping at an Airbnb or vacation rental offers a blend of privacy, uniqueness, and personalization that’s hard to match with traditional venues. It’s an excellent choice for couples seeking a meaningful and stress-free way to begin their lives together.

The Next Step

Overall, eloping at a Colorado Airbnb offers you the unique opportunity to exchange vows in some of the most breathtaking landscapes nature has to offer. From the beauty of the Rocky Mountains to the forests and rivers, Colorado provides an intimate and unforgettable setting for your special day. 

Now, if you are ready for the idea of an intimate Colorado elopement, the next step is to make this dream a reality. Fill out my contact form and check out my website. We’ll turn your vision into something beautiful, but also unforgettable!

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