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Education for Photographers 

Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, like you don't even know where to turn? I know first hand just how hard it can be building a business. I'm here to intentionally step in and let you know that you are not alone. I'm in your corner rooting for you, friend. 

I believe it is our job to not only build a successful business, but build a fulling one. One that leaves us inspired to create and exited to go to work the next morning. Whether you need some new inspiration or you just bought your first camera last week, let's prosper together and build a fulfilling business that you can be really proud of. 




Educational Guides 

Client Connection Questionnaire Template

I personally wish that I would have been able to get on hands on something like this years ago! Everything from how to intentionally form connections with clients to successfully handle all the of logistics of a wedding and elopement day are covered here. I've even included a bonus for how to get killer five start reviews from your clients!

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learn in an intentional one on one environment

Throughout my years of photography I have done many mentorships and I personally believe that they are the quickest return on investment and to success. I have a variety of mentorship options and nothing is off the table. Learn from me over a phone call or in an in person shoot. All mentorships come with a prior questionnaire to really dive deep into your business. Let's set your business up for success and fuel your passion. Can't wait to create with you. 

Wowwie wows Megan CRUSHED it with these questionnaires!! Not only are the questions thought-provoking and intentional, but the design of the PDF is so stunning - which is just a fun added bonus. I can tell she put a lot of thought into these tried and true questions, and it's evident that she's an expert in this because of all the details she's included!! She's truly thought of everything!!

Melissa W. 

"This guide was so helpful. I already had questionnaires in place, but this guide gave me even more questions to add that I hadn't thought of! It's also full of tips on when and how to send off these questionnaires. I definitely recommend!!!" 

Sierra W. 

The Client Connection Questionnaires were such an asset to me + my business! After implementing them I saw such a difference in my client workflow and I felt like I could create more of a connection at my sessions. 10/10!

McKenna H.

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of helpful information

posing cards for emotional imagery

The creatives guide on Pricing Travel

Do you ever have times where you freeze up in a session and can't think of a pose? Well friend I made this for you in mind! These are perfect for quick inspiration during your next photography session. Whether or not you are needing to spark creativity or just wanting to have some more inspiration, grab these free posing cards. They are 100% free and for you to use. Click the link to get your posing cards! 

Are you stuck on how to confidently price travel weddings or elopements? You don't know if you should include it all in one price or bill your clients separately? How much does it even cost to be a traveling photographer? Friend you need this! In this guide you'll have all the knowledge and calculations that you will need to nail your pricing for travel. Let's save you the stress of not knowing how to price travel.

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