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couple taking their engagement photos in a log cabin

As a photographer, I’ve taken pictures in a lot of places! But one of the most unique and genius spots was a log cabin in Salt Lake City, Utah where I photographed Josh and Addie’s engagement session. The cabin was in the mountains and it enhanced everything about their session. You could easily see their love for each other and how much they love being in nature! Taking these photos wasn’t just about getting good shots, but also about showing their love story in an intimate and natural way.

Josh and Addie started out their session by exploring the log cabin. Next, they spent quality time reading a book with each other. I love seeing couples being themselves and showing authentic moments. Lastly, Josh and Addie walked outside into the snow with mountains surrounding them! I was able to capture some amazing shots from inside the cabin, the scene was so perfect.

Keep reading my blog to learn all about how you can take log cabin engagement photos!

Why Should You Take Engagement Photos In A Log Cabin?

Choosing a log cabin as the setting for your engagement photos can provide a unique backdrop that adds a touch of rustic charm to your images. Log cabins are usually in mountainous places with trees or lakes, which make for the PERFECT photo backgrounds. Therefore, log cabins can be a great place for photos in the colder months! Cabins have a cozy and romantic feel, which is perfect for pictures of you as a couple in love. Plus, if you like nature or rustic scenery, a cabin can show off your unique style. Overall, your photos will not only look good but also tell a story about you as a couple.

couple taking their engagement photos outside of a log cabin

Why Should You Take Log Cabin Engagement Photos In The Winter?

Taking Cabin Engagement photos in the winter offers a location for those wanting to stay warm in the winter! A lot of couples get engaged in the colder months and want engagement photos right away. A log cabin is so ideal for a vintage feel and a way to stay warm. Also, it will be so symbolic and represent your engagement through photos as well. Josh and Addie’s session was in December and the snowy mountains outside added to the whole experience. Log cabin engagement photos would also be great in the early spring or fall time. You can always venture outside the cabin and gather more photos there!

Where Are Some Log Cabins I Can Rent For Engagement Photos?

Renting a cabin for engagement photos can be a simple process! You can start by searching on websites like Airbnb, Vrbo, or search locally for cabins in your desired location. Look for properties that match the style you want for your photos. Some cabins can be super vintage, while others more modern. I highly recommend searching for cabins in a unique destination. It would be insanely beautiful capturing photos in places like Montana, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee. Really, any place you can dream up has stunning log cabins!

Once you find a cabin you like, check its availability for your preferred date. Before booking, message the host explaining your plan to use their cabin for engagement photos. Make sure they are comfortable with this. After getting their approval, proceed with booking. Remember to leave the cabin as you found it, respecting the property during your photo shoot. I can help with this whole process as well!

What Should You Wear To Log Cabin Engagement Photos?

Choosing what to wear for cabin engagement photos is totally up to you and your partner! I recommend my couples to be comfortable yet stylish. Consider wearing something warm like a sweater, jeans and boots. Josh and Addie had on the coziest sweaters, comfy jeans, and plain white socks! Neutrals look best in photos and can be timeless. You can also add things like accessories or hats for more style. Additionally, make sure you and your partner’s outfits go well together, but they don’t have to be exactly the same. If you choose to explore the outdoors, dress for the elements and weather. Pick clothes that make you feel good about yourself, because this will make your photos look even better!

couple taking their engagement photos in a log cabin

What Are Some Things You Can Add to Log Cabin Engagement Photos?

There are so many different poses and props you could add to your log cabin engagement photos. I recommend picking something that is special to you as a couple. You could include drinking coffee together, roasting marshmallows over the fireplace, or even a snowball fight! Also, you could get cozy under a blanket or include your pup in your photos. Josh and Addie chose to read a book together and be on a bed simply showing off their playful selves. Make this session completely your own, and as simple or complex as you wish!

An Intentional Experience

As a photographer, there is nothing I want more than to make your engagement photos to go smoothly and be an enjoyable event. Here are some of the things I can assist with besides taking your photos:

  1. Location Scouting: As a photographer, I can assist with location scouting by leveraging my extensive knowledge of local and even remote destinations! I help by understanding the lighting, and unique elements each location offers. I can also use my experience to identify locations that align with your vision and style, ensuring that the chosen location enhances the mood and theme of your photoshoot perfectly.
  2. The Outfits: Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear! I completely understand and can give you my advice about what outfits I think would look best in your particular setting. Also, how to match your partner without being too matchy matchy!
  3. Permits: Your log cabin or location might be in an area that requires a permit to take photos. Allow me to assist in getting a permit to make your process less stressful.
  4. Making a Timeline: Maybe you want your engagement photos to follow a certain schedule. I can help decide when to take photos at sunrise or sunset. I will give recommendations as to when the lighting will be the best, and make a timeline to follow for your session.

Contact me to get in touch and to start planning your dream engagement photo session!

Are You Ready To Take Log Cabin Engagement Photos?

Taking engagement photos in a log cabin is an excellent idea for several reasons. First, it’s a unique experience that stands out from the usual city or beach photoshoots. The rustic charm of a log cabin and the surrounding natural landscape can provide a beautiful and distinctive backdrop for your photos, making them more memorable. Secondly, a log cabin setting gives a sense of warmth, coziness, and romance. It’s a perfect symbol for starting a new, shared life together. Lastly, if you’re a couple who loves nature or has a liking for the outdoors, a log cabin photoshoot can reflect this aspect of your individual personalities. It can give a personal touch to your engagement photos, making them more meaningful.

If you are ready to take your own log cabin engagement photos, fill out my contact form. We can set up a free consult call and dream up your perfect session. Don’t miss this opportunity to create and capture your own unique engagement photos!

log cabin with horses in the background
couple taking their engagement photos in a log cabin
couple taking their engagement photos in a log cabin
couple taking their engagement photos in a log cabin

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