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Ashlyn and Mason chose to ditch the big traditional wedding for an intimate winter cabin elopement in Utah. This wasn’t your typical wedding scenario with hundreds of guests, extravagant decorations, or a grand ballroom. Instead, they chose simplicity and authenticity, surrounded by snowy mountains.

Their decision to hold the ceremony in a cabin in the mountains showed off their love for nature and their desire for an intimate celebration. The cabin, with its rustic charm, was the perfect backdrop for their special day. This unique event was a testament to the fact that weddings can be as simple or as elaborate as we make them. What truly matters is the love being celebrated! Ashlyn and Mason’s winter cabin elopement in Utah was a beautiful blend of simplicity, intimacy, and love.

In this blog you will find more details of Ashlyn and Mason’s winter cabin elopement and how to have your own!

Why Should You Get Married In The Winter?

The Atmosphere

Winter weddings can be incredibly cozy with a romantic vibe. The chill in the air, the probable snowy backdrop, and the indoor venues all contribute to a special and intimate atmosphere. Winter also tends to be a less busy time for weddings, which means you might have more venue options available and potentially lower costs. Plus, the shorter days mean you can start your ceremony in the afternoon and still get beautiful sunset photos.

Unique Opportunities

Winter offers unique styling opportunities for an elopement or wedding. A cabin in the mountains is the perfect place for a winter elopement. It will beautifully set the scene for a warm and intimate mood. Not to mention, the potential for a snowy landscape provides a stunningly beautiful and memorable backdrop for your photos. Ashlyn and Mason ventured outside the cabin and we captured the most perfect photos in the snow!

How To Elope In The Winter?

Eloping in a cabin during the winter can be a magical and intimate experience. Here’s a simple guide to help you:

  • Choose Your Cabin: The first step is to choose a cabin that suits your style and preferences. It could be a cozy log cabin in the mountains, or a modern cabin overlooking a frozen lake. Make sure it has the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Airbnb and Vrbo have a TON of options anywhere in the United States. There is sure to be a cabin that fits your preferences!
  • Dress Appropriately: Winter weather can be unpredictable, so dress warmly if you plan to take photos outside!
  • Hire an Officiant: You’ll need someone to perform the ceremony. Some officiants are willing to travel, or you might find someone local to the area where you’re eloping.
  • Plan Your Ceremony: Since it’s an elopement, your ceremony can be as traditional or unique as you want. You might exchange vows in front of a fireplace, or outside with snow falling.
  • Capture the Moment: Even though you’re eloping, you’ll probably still want photos to remember the day. Photographers like myself are specialized in indoor and outdoor elopements. 
  • Celebrate!: After the ceremony, celebrate in a way that feels right for you. This could be a romantic dinner for two in your cabin, a fun outdoor activity like skiing or snowboarding, or just relaxing in front of the fire with a glass of champagne.

Overall, this is your special day, so do what feels most meaningful and enjoyable for you!

view of the cabin for the couple elopement

Why Rent A Cabin For Your Winter Elopement?

Intimacy and Privacy

One of the best reasons to elope in a cabin is the intimacy and privacy that it offers. Unlike traditional weddings, which can often feel overwhelming with multiple guests and hectic schedules, a cabin elopement allows you to focus on what truly matters: the bond between you and your partner. With a cabin, you’re typically in a serene environment, away from the noise of big cities. This seclusion provides an intimate setting where you can exchange vows and celebrate your love without any distractions or interruptions. Also, having the entire space to yourselves means you can fully personalize the experience, creating a unique and unforgettable occasion.

A Great Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather

Another significant advantage of choosing a cabin for your elopement is it can be a backup plan in case of inclement weather. If you initially planned for an outdoor ceremony but the weather decides not to cooperate, having a cabin ensures that your day isn’t disturbed. The cozy indoor space of a cabin can provide an equally romantic and charming setting for your wedding ceremony. Imagine exchanging vows in front of a warm fireplace, surrounded by rustic decor, while the snow falls outside. This flexibility and assurance that your day will go ahead, regardless of the weather, is a major stress reliever when planning an event as important as your wedding.

Accommodating Everyone

Including your family in your cabin elopement can add a special layer of intimacy and warmth to your big day. As cabins usually offer a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, it allows for genuine, heartfelt moments to unfold naturally. This setting is perfect for taking getting ready photos, to capture the raw, unfiltered emotions and anticipation leading up to the ceremony. Whether it’s your sister helping you with your dress, your father’s first look at you, or a quiet moment with your mother, these pictures will serve as beautiful reminders of the friends and family that surround you on your wedding day. So, inviting your family to be part of your cabin elopement not only adds to the experience but also creates lasting memories captured in photos.

Some couples even choose to rent out a huge cabin and have their family stay with them! It is totally up to you and your partners preferences on your elopement day. If you would like more info on how to include family into your elopement day check out my blog!

outside view of the couples cabin

What To Wear For Your Winter Elopement

For a winter elopement, comfort and warmth should be your top priorities. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Here are some of my suggestions:

For the Bride

Consider wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress made of thick fabrics like satin or velvet. These materials don’t just look luxurious, but they also provide extra warmth. Ashlyn chose to wear a long sleeved dress and it fit the occasion beautifully! A fur coat or cover can be a perfect addition to your outfit while protecting you from the cold. You could also wear thermal leggings underneath your dress for added insulation. For your feet, consider stylish boots. They can be hidden beneath your dress and will keep your feet much warmer than traditional wedding shoes. If you are staying inside a cabin you can dress for those elements!

For the Groom

A suit made from a heavyweight fabric such as wool will be warm and stylish. Layering is key. Maybe consider wearing a waistcoat under your jacket for extra warmth. A stylish coat can also be a great addition. Choose dark colors like navy, black or charcoal, which are suitable for winter and look elegant and sophisticated.

Overall, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. After all, it’s your special day!

Add To Your Elopement

Aside from just saying your vows, I love capturing authentic and real moments with my couples. Adding activities into your elopement can personalize your day and make it even more enjoyable.

Some of my favorite winter activities we could document are:

  • Skiing and Sledding: This can be a fun and adventurous way to explore the surrounding snowy landscape together.
  • Ice Skating: If there’s a frozen lake nearby, ice skating can be a perfect addition to your day.
  • Hot Cocoa Bar: Set up a hot cocoa bar in your cabin where you and your guests can warm up and customize your drinks with marshmallows, whipped cream, and other toppings.
  • Bonfire and S’mores: A bonfire can be a cozy and intimate activity for the evening. You can make it even more special by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.
  • Winter Picnic: Pack a picnic basket with warm blankets, hot drinks, and comfort food. Additionally, enjoy it outside if the weather allows, or inside your cozy cabin.
  • Stargazing: On a clear winter night, stargazing can be incredibly romantic and insanely beautiful. Just make sure to bundle up!

Remember, the goal is to create a day that reflects you as a couple. Choose activities that you both enjoy and that will make your elopement extremely memorable.

Your Own Winter Cabin Elopement

Overall, having a winter cabin elopement can be a truly unique and intimate experience. Ultimately, your elopement should reflect your personal style and the love story you share with your partner. With thoughtful planning, your winter cabin elopement can turn into a cozy, charming, and unforgettable event.

If you are ready to take that next step and have your own winter cabin elopement, fill out my contact form here. After that, we can set up your free consult call and dream up your perfect day!

outside view of their winter cabin

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