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bride and groom walking for their south shore kauai elopement

Ashley and Keale exchanged vows on a cliffside by the beach in south shore Kauai, Hawaii at sunset. Surrounded only by the beauty of the cliffs and the sounds of the ocean, it was a perfect, and intimate setting. They pledged their love to each other forever in this serene and absolutely stunning location!

Ashley and Keale decided to get married at a special beach where they often go surfing together. This beach was a secret spot that included a short hike with the two of them. They chose this spot for its beauty and also the familiar feeling it brings. I really love when couples choose to incorporate locations or hobbies that are special to them into their elopement! It was a simple but perfect way to start their life together.

Why Should You Elope In Kauai?

Eloping on a cliffside beach in Kauai offers a truly unique experience that combines the natural beauty of the island with an intimate and romantic setting for your special day. 

Stunning Natural Beauty: Kauai is known for its lush, green, unique scenery. Eloping on a cliffside beach provides dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean, coastlines, and also emerald green valleys. The natural beauty of Kauai will serve as a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and photographs.

Intimacy and Privacy: By choosing a cliffside beach for your elopement, you’re likely to find a more secluded and private setting. This allows for a more intimate ceremony where you can truly focus on each other and the commitment you’re making without the distractions often found at more popular or accessible locations.

Adventure and Romance: For couples who love adventure, eloping on a cliffside beach in Kauai combines the thrill of exploring new and stunning locations with the romance of an intimate wedding celebration. Whether you arrive at your cliffside location by hiking or by boat, the journey adds an exciting element to your special day.

Memorable Experience: An elopement on a cliffside beach in Kauai is not just a wedding, it’s an unforgettable experience. From the moment you choose your perfect spot to the exchange of vows on the Pacific Ocean, every part of your day will be memorable.

When Should You Elope In Kauai?

When planning to elope in Kauai, the best times I recommend are during the months of November, February, or March. These months are favored due to the mild temperatures and the opportunity to avoid the peak tourist seasons, which can be a more intimate and serene experience. Additionally, April through June is also considered an ideal time for elopement in Kauai, offering decent weather and avoiding the busiest times of the year. Ashley and Keale eloped in November and it was a perfect experience!

It’s important to consider what type of scenery you prefer for your special day. Certain locations on the island may offer different backdrops depending on the time of year. Whether you’re dreaming of a sunrise or sunset ceremony, or envisioning a backdrop of mountains, forests, or ocean views, Kauai provides a stunning variety of natural settings to make your elopement truly memorable.

south shore kauai

What Should You Wear To A Cliffside Beach Elopement?

For The Bride:

  • Lightweight Dress: Choose a dress made from light, flowy materials like chiffon or silk that can move easily with the breeze. Ashley’s dress was from Dahl collection!
  • Comfortable Shoes: Consider wearing flat sandals or also going barefoot. If the path to the cliffside is rough, think about wearing hiking shoes for the walk. You can always change into sandals at the site!
  • Natural Hair and Makeup: A natural look can compliment the outdoor setting. Windproof hairstyles, like braids or an updo, can help keep your hair out of your face.
  • Accessories: Minimal jewelry and a veil can add the perfect touch without overpowering the natural setting.

For The Groom:

  • Linen or Lightweight Suit: A suit made from linen or a light cotton blend will keep you cool and comfortable in the tropical climate.
  • Casual Shirt: For a more relaxed look, consider a breathable, linen button-up shirt paired with lightweight slacks.
  • Footwear: Like the bride, the groom might wear dress sandals or go barefoot. If the terrain requires it, wear appropriate shoes for the journey and switch to sandals at the location.
  • Accessories: A simple boutonniere with local flowers can add a pop of color without being too formal.

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. Your elopement attire should reflect your personal style and also the unique spirit of your celebration.

bride and groom walking for their south shore kauai elopement

The Next Step

Planning a cliffside beach elopement in Kauai combines the beauty of nature with your unique love story. It’s an intimate ceremony in a breathtaking location, where every detail, from attire to vows, is unique to you. This special day promises an unforgettable celebration of your commitment.

Ready to turn your dream of a cliffside beach elopement into reality? Fill out my contact form on my website and from there we can set up your free consultation call. Let’s put together your perfect day!

bride and groom walking for their south shore kauai elopement
bride and groom walking for their south shore kauai elopement
bride and groom walking for their south shore kauai elopement

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