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Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple

Kiefer & Austin’s Sahalie Falls Waterfall Elopement

Kiefer and Austin had the best moody, almost fantasy-like afternoon for their elopement at Sahalie Falls. Sahalie Falls is located in West-Central Oregon, and is a part of the Willamette National Forest. Kiefer and Austin met me at Sahalie Falls to start their perfect day. Arriving at the waterfalls, we were greeted by moody lighting and mist coming off of the waterfall. 

Kiefer and Austin were such an adventurous couple. They hiked beyond the barriers to get the most picturesque background with the waterfall behind them. Kiefer wore a dress that was perfect for an elopement, something she could easily hike in! Austin’s suit was vintage and so unique that it added such a personal touch and brought everything together. 

Sahalie Falls is a massive waterfall that was naturally formed from flowing lava 3,000 years ago. The waterfall is located in a quiet and serene area, which is so ideal for saying your vows! Kiefer and Austin chose to say their vows right in front of Sahalie Falls, making the absolute best scene! You can always hear the river flowing and the sound of the waterfall in the distance. If you hike further down the Mckenzie River, you will find another waterfall called Koosah Falls. This waterfall is equally as stunning and could be another gem to add to your elopement day. I highly recommend taking a whole day to elope in this area as there is SO MUCH to see and do! 

Why Should You Elope At Sahalie Falls?

The Scenery & Experience

Eloping at Sahalie Falls offers a breathtaking and intimate experience for couples seeking a unique and picturesque wedding ceremony. Nestled in the scenic Willamette National Forest of Oregon, Sahalie Falls is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning waterfalls. The lush greenery, massive trees, and the rush of the falls create a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows! With its easy access and well-maintained trails, Sahalie Falls provides a convenient and accessible location for couples looking to elope in nature.

The Best Photo Opportunities

One of the main reasons to choose Sahalie Falls for your elopement is the opportunity it presents for the absolute BEST wedding photos. The up-close-and-personal experience at Sahalie Falls allows you to capture truly epic and unforgettable moments. Whether you are standing on the viewing platform or venturing closer to the falls, the dramatic scenery will reflect the love and joy of your special day. Overall, your elopement at Sahalie Falls promises a magical and intimate celebration that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Taking Photos

When Should I Elope At Sahalie Falls?

The best time for you to elope at Sahalie Falls can be determined by your personal preference and what you want your experience to be!

Weather & Climate

The best time to elope at Sahalie Falls is during the warmer months. Eloping in April to October creates the most ideal climate with warmer weather as it can be a little chilly right next to the waterfall. Eloping at Sahalie Falls in the winter months can be tricky due to snow and ice on the roads leading to the waterfall. It is misty near the waterfall so that may also make you feel a little cold. The best time of day to elope at the waterfall is right in the early afternoon, particularly when the sun is at its peak. It can be very dark and moody in the forest. Consider if you are wanting the sun in your elopement photos or simply for more warmth!


Another reason to consider when choosing your elopement time at Sahalie Falls is waterflow. The amount of water flowing at the falls is highly determined by the amount of snow melted and rainfall in the area. The flow of Sahalie Falls is highest in the spring, however Kiefer and Austin eloped in July on a sunny warm day and the waterfall was so full and flowing! Oregon typically gets a lot of rain year round, so keep an eye on the weather and choose a day that suits your liking.


Sahalie Falls can also be busy with crowds. The peak season for tourists is in the spring and summer. I would recommend eloping earlier in the morning or during the week for the most privacy. Almost all the tourists we witnessed stayed on the trail. Kiefer and Austin went off trail and made the scene feel like they had the whole waterfall to themselves.

Sahalie Falls

How Do You Get To Sahalie Falls?

Travel Plans

Getting to Sahalie Falls can be quite simple if you have a plan made ahead of time! If you are traveling by air I would recommend flying into the Portland Airport, and booking a rental car. Sahalie Falls is around a 2.5 hour drive if you travel straight to the waterfall from the airport. Travel time can be added due to potential wildlife around, and winding roads in the forest, so be sure to move with caution! 

Cell Service

When traveling to the Willamette National Forest, make sure you set your GPS in an area well before you get into a secluded location. There is absolutely NO service in the middle of the forest. I would recommend bringing a map, printing out directions, or getting the directions on your phone in any area with cell reception beforehand.

Arriving At The Falls

Sahalie Falls is located right off the highway and has a number of parking spaces and restrooms available. You do not need a special vehicle to get there! After getting out of your vehicle you will have an insanely short hike. The overlook to Sahalie Falls is not more than 100 feet from the parking lot. Conquer the hike and you will be at the waterfall!

What Else Is There To Do In The Sahalie Falls Area?

When visiting Sahalie Falls, there are several activities and attractions you can enjoy. I recommend making your elopement last a whole weekend! Here are some things to do in the area:

  1. Explore all the waterfalls: Take a short hike along the Sahalie and Koosah Falls Loop Trail to witness the beauty of these waterfalls. There are so many mountains and waterfalls nearby! Tamolitch Falls, also known as the infamous “Blue Pool” is right down the road from Sahalie and Koosah Falls. Proxy Falls is about a 45 minute drive from Sahalie Falls, and another waterfall you won’t want to miss!
  1. Scenic Drives: Enjoy the picturesque views along the McKenzie Pass National Scenic Byway or the West Cascades National Scenic Byway, both of which pass through the Sahalie Falls area. 
  1. Hiking: Choose between SO MANY different hiking trails in the surrounding Willamette National Forest, that consist of lakes, lava fields, waterfalls, and even volcanoes! Three Sisters Wilderness is about a 1.5 hour drive from Sahalie Falls. It is home to the Three Sister Peaks which happen to be volcanoes. 
  1. Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, consider embarking on a fishing expedition in the nearby rivers and lakes. There are so many different spots for you to choose from!
  1. Rafting Adventures: Experience the thrill of rafting on the McKenzie River and admire the scenic beauty of the area. Rent out a canoe or kayak and get on the water wherever you’d like!
  1. Winter Activities: During winter months, check out the slopes for skiing and snowboarding fun.

Where Should You Stay For Your Sahalie Falls Elopement?

Airbnb & Vrbo

If you are wanting something a little closer to all the nature, I recommend you stay in an Airbnb or Vrbo! These options allow you to maybe rent out a cabin or somewhere with a mountain view, if you are wanting to get out of the city. Rent out a home for your whole family if you are wanting them to stay with you. You can also keep it more intimate and stay with just your partner if you wish to wake up and get ready together on your elopement day. Some different vacation rentals provide hot springs, golfing, or even a swimming pool. The possibilities are endless, and always pick something that you as a couple want most!


Staying in a hotel can be a much more traditional route. It is an easier way to get the whole family together while keeping the privacy. Booking hotel rooms is also maybe something to consider if you want to stay in the city and be close to all the necessities. I recommend staying in Eugene or Bend for the most options and versatility.

Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Taking Photos

Are You Ready To Elope At Sahalie Falls?

Kiefer and Austin perfectly set the scene for their elopement at Sahalie Falls. Sahalie Falls is the best elopement spot for the adventurers, or if you are wanting something unique! With its easy accessibility, being so close to a number of activities, and absolutely stunning views, this might be one of my favorite places to elope! Sahalie Fall could be your dream elopement location, and I highly consider you choosing it to call your elopement home!

If you are ready to take the next step and book your Oregon elopement at Sahalie Falls, contact me today for your free consult call. Let’s dream up your perfect day together!

Sahalie Falls
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple's Vow Books
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Taking Photos
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Taking Photos
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Taking Photos
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Exploring the Waterfall
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Exploring the Waterfall
Sahalie Falls Elopement Couple Exploring the Waterfall

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