Nebraska Engagement Photos – Taryn & Chris


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couple running around in a field for their nebraska engagement photos

There is nothing that I love more than an open field surrounded by blue skies and that was exactly the backdrop for Taryn and Chris’s Nebraska engagement session. I love simple backgrounds and really bringing the full focus on the couple. Rolling pastures and hills of grass is truly something that forever inspires me and brings me back to my photography roots. I love traveling for my couples, but there is just something about the small town Midwest fields that still has my heart.

I took their engagement pictures at one of my favorite open field spots near Kearney, Nebraska. Even if you aren’t from the Midwest, clients still love to travel to me to take couples pictures in the rolling hills just like these. Golden sun soaked pastures fill the rolling hills. Not to mention, This November fall day was perfect for Nebraska engagement photos. The weather was a perfect 60 degrees with a full sunny day!

A little bit about Taryn and Chris is they met in high school and dated on and off during that time. Years later they reconnected with each other. Chris is in the navy and is stationed down in South Carolina. They came all the way back home to Nebraska to take their engagement photos! I’m so excited to capture their Nebraska Wedding photos next fall at Prairie Creek Barn. It’s gong to be a good one!

Something that I really find important to my core is to make photos that are unique, but at the same time authentic to the couple. I feel like this photos are the perfect mix of both. There is so much warm and sunshine that rates from the photos as well as the couple.

Photography: Megan Schukei
Makeup: Candice White

Best Time Of Year To Take Engagement Photos In Nebraska

Nebraska is so pretty with plenty of scenic locations that make for stunning engagement photos! Everything from the rolling Sandhills to down town Omaha there are so many great options! The best time of year to take engagement photos in Nebraska is during the spring, summer, and fall. In the fall, which typically lasts from mid-September to November. The foliage during this time is breathtaking with vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow.

The weather is also cooler but not yet too cold, making it comfortable to dress up and spend some time outdoors. Alternatively, the spring season, which runs from March to May, can also be a great time for engagement photos in Nebraska. During this time, the weather is mild and the fields are blooming with colorful wildflowers, creating a picturesque setting for romantic photos! Summers can be hot, but still perfect for getting plentiful green grass in your photos!

Where To Take Engagement Photos In Nebraska

There are so many great places to take your engagement photos in Nebraska! Whether you are looking for an open field, dock on a lake, or downtown vibe there are several options to choose from! Upon booking your engagement photos, I will help you find the perfect location that feels most like you! I have so many secret locations throughout the state that I would love to share with you and take your engagement photos at!

Sunrise Vs. Sunset

Taking photos in Nebraska at sunrise or sunset are what I recommend for your engagement session! The soft, warm light of the sun during these times can create a beautiful and natural glow on the couple, making your skin look radiant and creating a dreamy ambiance in the photos. Additionally, the colors of the sky during sunrise and sunset can also add a dramatic and romantic effect to the photos. Sunrise and sunset also offer unique opportunities for creative shots with shadows and silhouettes. However, it’s important to remember that the lighting during these times can be challenging, so hiring an experienced photographer who knows how to work with natural light is essential. With the right planning and preparation, sunrise or sunset engagement photos in Nebraska can capture the beauty of the couple and the state’s stunning landscapes.

Ready To Book Your Nebraska Engagement Photos?

I would love to take your Nebraska engagement photos. Contact me HERE and lets dream up your dream couples shoot. Whether that is in the Midwest, The Rocky Mountains or the Oregon Coast I would love to authentically capture your love story.

couple running around in a field for their nebraska engagement photos
couple running around in a field for their nebraska engagement photos
couple running around in a field for their nebraska engagement photos
couple running around in a field for their nebraska engagement photos
detail hand shot of a couple nebraska engagement photos

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