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couple running on the beach for their kauai couples photography session

Cheyenne and Jake are a lively couple from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Their love story is as captivating as the landscapes they call home, and it was an absolute pleasure to capture their love in Kauai for a couples photo session. Their personalities shine through in every image, reflecting not just their love for each other, but also their love for the vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery of their homeland.

What sets this photo session apart is how they’ve added a piece of their lifestyle into the images. Both Cheyenne and Jake are passionate about surfing. They decided to bring this shared passion to their photo shoot, creating a unique blend of romance and adventure against the backdrop of the ocean. With their surfboards and the sunset, this gallery tells a story of two people united by love and a shared hobby.

In this blog you will find more about Cheyenne and Jack and how you can take your own Kauai couples photos.

Why Should You Take Kauai Couples Photos?

The Experience:

Overall, taking couples beach photos in Kauai offers a unique and unforgettable experience. This Hawaiian island is renowned for its stunning beaches (including tunnels beach), making it an ideal location for romantic and adventurous couple’s photo sessions. Kauai can capture the love and happiness shared between couples among dreamy landscapes. The natural lighting, combined with the ocean backdrop, creates vibrant and memorable images. Additionally, Kauai would also be an ideal place for your wedding, elopement, or engagement photos. So, whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, engagement, or just because, Kauai provides a picturesque setting to create lasting memories.

couple running on the beach for their kauai couples photography session

Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach, also known as Makua Beach, is a fantastic location for couples photos. This beautiful crescent moon-shaped bay offers a unique and stunning backdrop for your pictures. Also, this beach has been voted the world’s #1 beach multiple times and is renowned for its two miles of pristine white sand and spectacular views of the Namolokama Mountain. 

The beach’s natural beauty is enhanced by the palm trees that line the bay, providing some greenery to the sand and bright blue waters. In addition, Tunnels Beach is known for its remarkable snorkeling spots, adding an adventurous element to your photo session. Overall, Tunnels Beach offers an ideal and romantic setting for memorable couples photos.

When Should You Take Couples Photos in Kauai?

What Time

The best times to capture the best photos are generally during sunrise and sunset. As the sun rises and sets, it creates a golden hour that will enhance the emotion and beauty of your photos. Cheyenne and Jake took their couples photos in the evening and we got the best golden hour and a beautiful sunset. 

What Season

The time of day, however, is not the sole factor to consider when planning a photoshoot in Kauai. It’s also essential to consider the season. The busy season runs from April through August. Also, the quieter months from September through November can be ideal for a romantic getaway and photoshoot. The quieter months offer many options and less crowds, allowing couples to have a more intimate and peaceful photo session. Regardless of the time and season, Kauai’s natural beauty ensures stunning photos that couples will cherish for a lifetime.


Taking professional photos with your partner while on vacation in Kauai, is a great way to remember your trip. These photos can capture all the fun and romantic moments you share, against beautiful backgrounds. Also, they’re more than just pictures, they’re memories that you can look back on forever!

water rolling in at tunnels beach in hawaii

What Is Air Travel To Kauai Like?

If you are not a local of the area, chances are you will be flying into Kauai. Flights will be a little expensive but the experience is totally worth it. Many major airports in the United States offer flights directly into Kauai’s main airport, Lihue Airport. Otherwise, you can fly directly to Honolulu International Airport and take an additional 25 minute flight to Kauai from there.

Add To Your Kauai Couples Photo Session

Cheyenne and Jake added surfing into their photos to make their session completely personal. Additionally, here are some activities to consider adding to your Kauai beach photos:

  • Sunrise/Sunset Walk: Start or end your day with a romantic walk along the beach. The soft lighting during these times can provide a beautiful, dreamy backdrop for your photos.
  • Picnic on the Beach: Pack a picnic and capture some candid moments while you’re enjoying your meal with the ocean as your backdrop.
  • Kayaking: If you’re adventurous, take some action shots while Kayaking. Tunnels Beach is a great spot for this!
  • Horseback Riding: Some beaches in Kauai offer horseback rides. This could make for some unique and romantic photos.
  • Building a Sandcastle: This fun activity can lead to some playful and cute pictures.
  • Swimming or Snorkeling: Photos of you two swimming or snorkeling in the clear blue waters can be very vibrant and lively. Tunnels Beach is known for its excellent snorkeling.
  • Star Gazing: Capture the beauty of the night sky and the peaceful surroundings in your couples photos.
  • Message in a Bottle: Write love notes to each other, put them in a bottle, and capture the moment of casting it into the sea. (This would be such a good idea to do with couples writing their vows!)

Always remember to respect the local environment and regulations when planning your photo sessions. Don’t hesitate to add anything else that is true to your love story!

What To Expect During Your Couples Photo Session


During your Kauai photo session, expect a relaxed and natural experience that captures the genuine essence of your relationship. As a photographer who values authenticity, I strive to avoid the typical “cookie-cutter” poses. Instead, I encourage you to interact naturally with each other and the stunning Kauai environment, creating organic moments that truly reflect your unique bond. Whether you bring your surfboards or just explore the land my goal is to capture the spontaneous and unfiltered emotions that unfold.

Your Own Kauai Couples Photography Session

I am so grateful I was able to capture Cheyenne and Jake’s love story in Kauai, especially doing something they love. Overall, I highly recommend Kauai or any destination for couples photos!

If you are ready to take that next step and put together your own destination couples photos, check out my website. From there, you can fill out my contact form and we can set up your free consult call today. Let’s dream up your perfect couples photos!

couple smiling for their kauai couples photography session at tunnels beach
couple running on the beach for their kauai couples photography session
couple running on the beach for their kauai couples photography session
couple running on the beach for their kauai couples photography session

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