invested in

your dreams

here for you and your business

I started my business at ground zero and I mean ground zero. First, I started taking senior photos while using my mom's $200 camera. Everything I learned came from YouTube and trial and error. It truly was a painful process at times and I wish I would have invested more in the beginning.

I had no idea that photography would take me all the places that it has and I have a heart to give back to others. I am a full time traveling elopement and wedding photographer that wants to invest in you! Did I mention that I went full time in less than 2 years after first picking up a camera?? I wanna share my secrets on how you can get there too! 

right now you might be feeling like..

I get it..

- You don't know how to take your photos to the next level, and feel lost in creating

- You are struggling to book dream clients and not sure how you are ever going to attract them

- You feel so overwhelmed by the business side of photography and you just have so many questions 

- You don't feel completely confident posing couples at a wedding or session

because trust me I have been there

that's why i want to help you 

let's chase your dreams

I personally have invested in several mentors through the years and they have been my biggest return on investment. Let me be that investment for you.

I have been in your shoes time and time again, and I want to help you navigate it all. Because you deserve to chase your dreams. Whether you want to learn how to creatively pose couples, logistically run a business, or create deep rooted client connection, I would love to be a part of your success story. 

My approach:
Authentic & Emotional Posing
Creating Authentic & Nostalgic Photos
Rooting my Work in Nautre
Editing with Purpose
Seamless Client Experience
Building a Fulling Business

you deserve to be invested in

I'm not doing mentorships just for the quick phone call, I am doing them because I truly care and have a heart for watching you learn and grow. No gatekeeping here, I want to be there to answer all of your questions and bring your business to the next level! 

trust me, I truly care!!

2 hour call & shoot

2 hour call

30 minute call

+ After this mentorship your gonna be ready to accomplish it all in your business!!

+ STEP ONE: We will have a two hour call, to go over all the questions.

+STEP TWO: You will come shoot with me! I will set up a styled shoot that will attract your dream client. I'll show you how I interact, pose, and photograph my clients. ALSO.. I'll include headshots for you!!

+ STEP THREE: We will finish the last hour editing a few photos together and go over any remaining questions you may have! 







+ Similar to the 30 minute call, but instead you get 2 full hours of my time, which allows us to go much more in depth! This will also include a detailed questionnaire that will be sent over prior to your mentorship. Maybe you want a website or a social media critique? Or wondering how you should have your prices set up? Or how about client workflow and management systems? I would love to dive in deep for the two hours and bring you all my knowledge and expertise to the table! 

+ We can cover literally anything that you are wanting to go over in the 30 minute call! Before your session I will send you over a detailed questionnaire to fill out to make sure that nothing gets left on the table. Curious about camera settings, what gear is best, how to choose a preset that matches your editing style? Trust me I have you covered and cannot wait to answer all your questions. This is your time to discuss anything and everything and perfect for an affordable mentorship option.

ready to take that next step?

cannot wait to take your business to the next level!