a Guide that is the 

foundation of A Strong Business

to turn your passion into profits

Passion to Business Playbook 

Starting a photography business can be HARD and it is so important to set yourself up with a strong foundation. This guide is going to help you do just that so you can quickly grow your business. 

We will cover:
Making your Business Legal 
Finding Your Ideal Client 
How to get Paying Clients that are Your Dream Clients Right Away!
Marketing with Social Media
How to Break Into The Wedding Industry 

Building A Strong

This would have been an absolute game charger for me! When first starting my business I struggled with what even are the first steps to making this business work. I also had no idea on how to book high paying clients that I felt aligned with. So I made a guide that is designed for beginner photographers to skip the struggle and have a step by step process on how to start booking your first clients that you actually feel aligned clients right off the bat.

Not only that but I didn't dive into weddings right away. With this guide there are several different techniques to help you get ready to dive head first into the wedding industry and made a brand and consistently book clients you are proud of. Aka fast tracking your success!

Starting a photography Business

from the ground up is hard 

I get it..

Right now you might be feeling like:
  • You want to turn your passion into a business but have no idea how. You are lost on booking your first paying clients that feel aligned and you want to make real money in this business but don't know where to start.

If you are ready to feel like:

  • You have a full schedule of dream clients who want to pay for your services. You are diving head first into the wedding industry and feel totally confident in running a legit business that gives you freedom to fully live your life how you want to. If so - This is for you!

Investing in Your Passion Right away

Allows you to skip the struggle of starting a business

Books you ideal clients that you feel inspired by

Turns your hobby into real money that allows you to pursue your dreams

Fast tracks you to your financial goals 

who is this for?

What's included?

Just a Guide?

This is for beginner or aspiring portrait and wedding photographers that want to skip the struggle and turn their passion of photography into a thriving and successful business. 

A downloadable PDF guide with the following topics covered: 
  • Mindset 
  • Making Your Business Legal
  • Finding Your Ideal Client
  • Getting Paying Clients 
  • How to Book Clients that Align With You and your Brand
  • Marketing with Social Media 
  • Breaking into The Wedding Industry 

Something I wanted to include in this guide is action steps to hold yourself accountable. Not only is this guide jam packed full of game changing info, there are action steps for each topic covered to help you accomplish your goals and clearly know what to do next!

A Strong Foundation + Proven Business Strategy = Growth    

You probably have been scared to start your business due to fear of judgement, lack of knowledge, and fear of failure. 

Well friend, now if the time to take the leap and turn your passion into something that you are proud of and that will grow with you! This guide is going to show you the exact proven strategies that I have used to book dream clients without all the years of struggling with budget clients. 

How amazing would it feel to start your business off strong with clients that you are excited to work with and the confidence to have a prosperous business that is so much more. 

"Megan is such an encouraging soul, and she has managed to take the stress of building your new business and turn it into a road map that is not only digestible, but oh-so-applicable. There are some things google just won’t tell you, which is why getting the lowdown from someone like Megan will benefit you far more in the long run. Investing in your business is such an important move to make, and I can promise you Megan is the type of person you can trust as a guide!!"

Annie J.

"As a beginner photographer this guide was so helpful to me! I have been struggling so much on how to actually get clients and clients that I feel connected too and inspired by, but this truly is a GAME CHANGER. Highly recommend!!"

Terra P.

"Megan’s Passion to Business Playbook has so much information that every photographer should know—from legal details, how to build your portfolio, and get paying clients! Building your business from scratch can be scary, and this guide makes it feel a little more feasible!"

Corinne T.

"Megan’s playbook is extremely helpful in getting on your feet in the photography world! I had tons of questions about legality and how to grow, but this addresses all of it. Her tips and advice truly take you to the next level!"

Elsa E.

Grab Your Guide 

To turn your passion 

into a thriving business 

Turn Your Passion into A Reality

Starting a business and booking your first clients doesn't have to be hard! 

For just $27 you will have my proven strategies for success for your beginning photography business as well as actionable steps to fast track your success. 

In addition, it will allow you to book your first paying clients with confidence and bring in dream clients to follow. Not only that but you will be diving head first into the wedding industry in your first few months of business.  



your questions answered here

What's all included?

In this PDF guide for beginner portrait and wedding/elopement photographers, it includes my proven strategies and advice on several topics. These topics include: mindset, how to book your first paying clients, finding your ideal client and how to market to them, marketing with social media, beginner pricing tips, and how to dive into the wedding industry. 

are your guides a physical product?

Everything is a digital downloadable product, but you are free to print them out as you wish! 

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are offered for any of my educational content. Once access is granted it is considered to be a fully consumable product.

how long do I have access to this product?

You will have unlimited access to the product after you have purchased it and download it! If I were ever to change education platforms, you would be notified via email. 

can I share this product with a friend?

No, each course and product is only good for one single user. 

can I open a product on my phone?

You will be able to purchase the product on your phone, but I highly suggesting waiting till you are able to get to a computer to download the product! 

Where can I get techincal support with my purchase? 

For any help accessing the pdf or your account please email meganschukeiphotography@gmail.com. We respond to emails within 3-4 business days, Monday-Thursday. I'm happy to help!