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This questionnaire templates is designed with intentional questions so you can start creating deeper, more meaningful photos. Not only do these questionaries allow you to connect with your clients deeper, all the logistical questions of a wedding and elopement day are covered here. You can start serving your clients with an experience that will blow them away. 

right now you might 

be feeling like this..

I get it..

- You are creating good photos but not ones that really tell a couples story, feeling a little one note.

- You want to learn how to connect with each client on a personal level and uplevel your client experience.  

- You don't know the right logistical questions to ask before a wedding or elopement day.

- You are craving to create connection and want to photograph emotional, intentional photos. 

a template that is

the foundation of connection.

that's why i created 

client connection

I personally wish that I would have been able to get my hands on something like this years ago! I was creating good photos, but not great photos. I was craving to connect and tell real stories through emotional imagery. Little did I know that connection starts at the beginning. Connection starts by getting to know your client in the questionnaire. Asking the right questions, and learning to know who they are. This is the foundation that helps you tell their story intentionally.

I went from taking average sunset photos to delivering galleries where people would be sobbing because they felt so connected to their photos. I know that there are a lot of other questionaries out there on the market that just focus on logistics, but this one is different. This questionnaire will transform your client connection and the way to tell stories.

who is this for?

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This is for photographers and videographers of all skill levels that are looking to connect deeper with clients.

These questionaries are aimed towards photographers that specialize in couples, weddings, and elopements!

A  downloadable PDF, with all the questions and the exact words and placeholder text that I use for my couples, weddings, and elopements. The following questionaries are included: couples, initial wedding, final wedding, initial elopement, final and elopement. This is the only template you'll ever need for all your couples. A bonus feedback questionnaire is included. (My secret to getting 5 star reviews!) Lastly, a tutorial video is also included for how to implement the questionaries into your CRM!

These are all in a template format, so yes you can copy and paste. I highly recommend that you adjust the wording to something that feels 100% like you and serves your clients. In addition, I suggest that these are automated into your CRM software, such as Honeybook or Dubsado. Upon purchasing, I'll explain directly how to implement your questionaries into honeybook!

I know there are other questionaires for sale

but this is different

this is unique

- There is a heavy focus on client connection rather than just logistics.

- You will be able to know your couples full stories and intentionally capture storytelling and emotion in your photos.

- This is the only questionaries you'll ever need for couples, weddings, or elopements. 

- Your clients will feel seen and heard after filling out the questionaries, making a huge impact on your client experience! 

Megan's questionnaire makes connecting with couples even more intimate and sincere on what is most important to them. She didn't leave anything out. It's FULL of all the details you need for wedding and elopement days so you're crystal clear on your couple's day and don't miss a thing. Highly recommend this lifesaver!!!'

Courtney N.

Wowwie wows Megan CRUSHED it with these questionnaires!! Not only are the questions thought-provoking and intentional, but the design of the PDF is so stunning - which is just a fun added bonus. I can tell she put a lot of thought into these tried and true questions, and it's evident that she's an expert in this because of all the details she's included!! She's truly thought of everything!!

Melissa W.

 As someone who values connection and wants that to show in my shoots and elopements, these questionnaires were amazing! They really have helped me get to know my couples before their weddings so I know better how to prompt them, what they love, and how to help them feel at ease with me. Don't hesitate, even if you're seasoned this will be a huge help to your business.

Chelsea K.

Grab the questionaires

up level your photos

with cleint connection


- Six questionnaire templates: couples, initial wedding, final wedding, initial elopement, final elopement

- The bonus feedback questionnaire

- Tutorial video on how to implement the questionaries into your CRM!


your questions answered here

What's all included?

In this questionnaire template, I have included my exact templates that I use for my couples sessions, weddings, and elopements. In addition there is a tutorial on how to implement the questionnaires into your CRM software. Lastly, I have a bonus included on a final questionnaire for clients, this is my secret to getting amazing five start reviews!

are your guides a physical product?

Everything is a digital downloadable product, but you are free to print them out as you wish! 

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No refunds are offered for any of my educational content. Once access is granted it is considered to be a fully consumable product.

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You will have unlimited access to the product after you have purchased it! If I were ever to change education platforms, you would be notified via email. 

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No, each course and product is only good for one single user. 

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You will be able to purchase the product on your phone, but I highly suggesting waiting till you are able to get to a computer to download the product! 

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For any help accessing the pdf or your account please email We respond to emails within 3-4 business days, Monday-Thursday I'm happy to help!