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Engagement Photos in Estes Park Colorado

Gosh don’t even know where to start with these two!! Gina and Liam are such kind souls! We had an incredible night exploring Rocky Mountain National Park for their Estes Park engagement photos.

For their mountain engagement photo we explored the flowing creek waters, frolicked through sun soaked fields, and watched the sunset over the mountains and turn into blue hour. To top it all off, we even had to pull off to watch an elk as we made our way out of the park. Perfect night if you ask me!

Gina and Liam both enjoy spending their time hiking and camping in nature so it only made sense to take their engagement photos in the mountains. Estes Park is so beautiful during the summer months and we got the perfect August night for their photos! The first location we explored was a forested area while ending their session at the base of the mountains as the sun went down.

Why Estes Park for your Engagement Photos?

I highly recommend choosing Estes Park for your engagement photos! The beauty of mountain ranges provides a stunning natural setting, with their towering peaks, lush forests, and tundra zones. One of the biggest perks is that it is just by Rocky Mountain National Park! There are so many great places near Estes Park that we will be able to explore, and you will get lots of diverse scenery for your photos.

More than Just Photos

Something important about booking your engagement photos with me is that I focus on making it an experience that isn’t just taking photos. For all my sessions there is a big emphasis on exploring and just spending time with each other in nature. Much deeper than just smiling at the camera. Gina and Liam were so down to explore and have intentional time with each other, which made for such a laid back evening documenting their love in photos! 

When Should you Schedule your Engagement Photos

This is totally up to you and your partner as to how soon you are wanting to do your engagement photos! As a general rule of thumb, engagement sessions generally take place under a year after you have been engaged and at least a few months prior to your wedding or elopement. This can of course depend on seasons and the availability of your photographer. 

Things to Consider for your Estes Park Engagement Photos

When taking engagement photos in the mountains, there are several things to consider:

  1. What to Wear: Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and suits the mountain environment. Consider the weather conditions and layer your outfits accordingly, even though it’s summer the weather can change quickly and it’s important to always be prepared! I help each couple with specific outfits and planning, so no stress there!
  2. Footwear: Opt for practical shoes that provide good traction, especially if you plan to explore rugged terrain or hike to different locations for your photos. I highly suggest bringing a second change of shoes once we get to location. 
  3. Time of Day: The best time lighting wise for your engagement session is either going to be sunrise or sunset! I can help navigate what time is best for you, but each time comes with its own pros and cons.
  4. Locations: Together we will come up with what locations feel the most like “you.” In Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park there are quite a few locations to choose from and we will get a really good variety of scenery for your photos!
  5. Consider Wildlife: Be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions while exploring the mountains and being considerate of wildlife. It’s important to follow any guidelines or regulations set by park authorities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  6. Leave No Trace: It’s important to leave the land exactly how we found it to preserve it for generations to come and leave no trace. Some things to consider is to stay on trail and stay away from things like confetti for your session!

Best Season for Engagement Photos in Estes Park

A huge misconception that I see is couples wanting summer like engagement photos in the spring. In the mountains the months of April and May are still very much cold and can come with unpredictable conditions. If you are wanting a warm day in the mountains I highly suggest planning your engagement session mid June through early October for the best weather in Estes Park!  This still can come with unpredictability at higher elevations, but is usually your best bet! Gina and Liam’s session was in Early August and had perfect mid summer temperatures for their session. 

If you are looking for fall engagement photos, focus on the month of September and early October for the best leaf peeping. This always changes year to year, but the fall in the mountains is truly magical and I highly recommend it for your engagement photos in Colorado! Upper elevations roads can potentially be closed during these times, but there are still several amazing options to choose from.

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

Something I love to incorporate into each session is to have your engagement photos feel like you. This can mean incorporating an activity, exploring a new area, or just spending intentional time with each other. There are so many ways to make your engagement session unique. Here are some fun activities to consider for your Estes Park engagement photos!

Hiking Together

Fly Fishing

Having a Picnic

Reading Books Together

Horseback Riding


Read Letters to Each Other

Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park

Listening to your Favorite Music Together

Where to Travel Into for Estes Park

So many couples choose to fly into Estes Park for their engagement photos and end up making a little trip around it, which I highly recommend! Your best bet is going to be to Fly into Denver International Airport. It’s a major hub and flights are generally inexpensive!

From there I suggest renting a car and making the drive to Estes Park. It’s only an hour and a half drive in good traffic! Estes does get busy so I highly suggest taking your engagement photos during the week or in the off season, if you are wanting a more intimate experience for your session. In addition, always book your accommodations early so you get a good selection of everything.

A Couple laughing in Estes Park for their engagement photos

Are you Ready for your Estes Park Engagement Photos 

Ahh! I would love to connect and start dreaming up your engagement photo session in the mountains. Together we can plan the perfect morning or evening to get photos that feel nostalgic and like you! Contact me here and let’s start dreaming up your Estes Park Engagement photos. 

A couples hands for their engagement photos in Estes Park Colorado
girl holding flower for her engagement photos
couple running in a field for their estes park engagement photos
a couple posing for their engagement photos in Estes Park Colorado
A couples hands for their engagement photos in Estes Park Colorado
artistic engagement photo in Estes Park Colorado

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