a look into my life

A look into my life. I live on a farm in the heart of the Midwest. Where an honest days work still holds true. I consider myself an old soul that loves all things vintage.  Family and friend connections is something that I deeply value. Growing up I spent my days outside and feel most at home in nature. Days on the beach or hiking in the mountains comes second nature to me. I am located in the Midwest but frequently travel coast to coast for many of my amazing clients.

What Inspires Me

When working with you it allows me to be inspired in a whole new way. I'm deeply inspired by telling your unique story in an artful way. When it comes to landscape I do find myself being most inspired surrounded by nature. Here are a few things I'm inspired by: 

the mountains
open midwestern fields 
warm summer nights
the redwoods
a clear night with stars
the pnw coast
red rocks in the desert
rolling hills
national parks
desert rains
cliffs on the coast
fields of wildflowers

What I  love

I truly am in love with my simple Midwestern lifestyle and all the people and things in it. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and first love, Sam. We have been together for over 7 years, and I can't wait to grow old with him. Here are some other things that I love in my life: 

My 17 chickens (and counting)
Cooking from scratch
Spending time outside in nature
My summer garden
Hiking in the mountains
Summer lake days
Anything that involves food 

My philosophy

photos that you can feel, a friend to friend experience

Chances are that you are at a big point in your life right now. I will be there to serve and support you throughout your entire journey. To me photography is way more than just taking your photos. I understand how important these big moments are to you and never take that lightly. I always want to develop a deep relationship with you that is so much more than just smile and look at the camera. I invest my heart and soul into each of my clients and value friendships way past your wedding day.

I care and value your thoughts and feelings. I want you to be seen throughout the entire process. I don't do this job for the money, I do this job for you and your memories. My heart is to capture you, as you are in that moment as your authentic selves. I'm not about cheesy fake photos, You deserve to have your raw and intimate moments captured, so you can pass these photos down for generations to come. You are worthy of amazing photos and an amazing experience and I can't wait to give that to you.

Your Experience goes deeper than pretty photos

I'm interested in:

how the experience made you feel

creating Nostalgic art with your memories

capturing you at authentic momements

telling your story

creating unique photos

honest, intimate  moments

intimacy & connection

documenting your love